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Modernizing The Collection Agency Through Technology

At Amplicon, we believe data and technology are vital to the success of our collection agency. While assisting in the debt recovery space, we provide our customers with critical data and analytics to proactively approach their future accounts receivables and make informed and fact-based decisions around their business. To learn more about our services, click for more info.

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Does your business sell directly to consumers? Do you have a subscription agreement or other credit that is still due? We can help you automate

Does your business sell to other businesses on credit? We can assist you in staying up to date with your customers and ensure you receive payment every month

Amplicon’s Accounts Receivable consulting team has hands-on experience managing $200,000,000+ in revenues

Amplicon’s dedicated Healthcare customer service team are all HIPPA certified and trained in the latest FDCPA Practices

Is your out of network clinical laboratory suffering from paid to patient claims outstanding? We Can Help

Data Analytics

We provide all of our customers access to their own data 24/7. Get live updates on your accounts anytime. Flexible reporting options.

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At Amplicon, we have a pricing plan to fit any size business. Our flat rate collection plans provide the highest value in terms of dollars spent. Our contingency plans are for businesses that would rather spend more fees, but no money out of pocket to get started.

Each and every business is unique and requires a very unique approach to handling its customers. We highly suggest you reach out to our customer service team so we can walk you through your options.

  • No Money Out of Pocket

  • Low Percentages

  • Great for a few accounts

  • Customer Portal Allows Full Access & Reporting

  • Optional Credit Reporting

  • Automate Your Accounts Receivable Process

  • Reduce Head Count

  • Great Way to Save On AR Management

  • Customer Portal Allows Full Access & Reporting

  • Highest Rate of Return


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We maintain a five-star rating on google because we know what it takes to help our customers. Amplify your revenues today.


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