Medical Payment Data

Medical Payment Data

What is Medical Payment Data Collection Agency

Medical Payment Data is not the name of any specific collection agency. The term Medical Payment Data is shown in place of a medical provider when a third party, like a mortgage loan officer, pulls a person’s credit. Due to HIPPA laws, a medical provider cannot be disclosed to anyone without the patient’s consent. So when your mortgage loan officer notifies you that somethings on your credit, the name they usually provide is Medical Payment Data Collection Agency because they can’t have access to your medical information. So how do you figure out who to call and resolve the debt?

Pull Your Own Credit

In order to figure out which collection agency you need to contact, you need to pull a credit report from all three main credit bureaus including.  It’s important to know which agencies have what information is posted on you. Read your reports carefully, and in them, you will find the names of the original company that placed the debt on your credit report. Please note that most collection agencies operate like the stone ages and don’t even have websites or their names listed with google. If you’d like to pull your credit from all three agencies, we have partnered with myFICO the originator of the FICO system

Monitor Your Credit

Upon reviewing your credit report and identifying which collection agency you need to contact, it’s important that after you pay the debt you ensure that the company removes the item from your credit report.  Some companies say they aren’t going to remove it, but a lot of times this is just a scare tactic.  If you monitor your credit, you will know when your credit score increases, and you can re-apply for a mortgage loan.

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